FIghting robot game

  • Description
    • Your hero is the last of his kind, he can transform and become from 3 kinds of robots that can fight adversaries of different color then his own. He has to travel the levels and destroy the robots that want to fight him in order to reach the big boss and complete his quest, becoming free from his bounds.
      This game is hard so you have to become a warrior worthy of the victory you might achieve. Fight for you and for your dieing race.
      You can unlock 18 abilities that are unique for each robot and will help you in your quest. You have 16 achievments so do your best and become the supreme robot!
  • Instructions
    • Arrow keys - MovernTap twice LEFT or RIGHT - Runrn------------------rnA - JumprnS - Kick, Put down objectrnD - Punch, Pick up object, Throw objectrnQ - Change to Robot1rnW - Change to Robot2rnE - Change to Robot 3rn------------------rnX - pause/resume game/train new abilitiesrnM- music on/offrnRight click - choose quality
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