Rule the town

  • Description
    • Do you have what it takes to be the ruler of Japan? Create your city and rule it as you see fit. Develop the economy and research the science in order to become a strong nation. Attack your neighbours to take their teritory and make it your own. Use your officers to defend, research, spy and attack other cities, explore dungeons for treasures and take care of your nation.
      You have to keep your order over 50 by Doneting to the city, if the order is under 50 your city won't produce gold and food so you might go bankrupt.
      Research, for each of your city, new technology, in order to do this you need officers with high inteligence so go and recruit some.
      Develop your farming by using the farming tab and become a wealthy nation.

      Rule your city and unite Japan under your rule!

      Feature :
      - 50+ officers to hire.
      - 1000+ soldiers to recruit.
      - 20+ items to collect.
      - 30 city to conquer.
      - 17 other forces to defeat.
  • Instructions
    • All control are triggered by mouse..
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