Space robot fighting game

  • Description
    • The battles of space have begun and you are hired by someone to guard their station and find some artifacts on a distant planet, also, you can collect the liquid of the destroyed robots in order to make money for upgrades, ammunition and repair. You have to be fearless and wonder the planets you are transported too in order to find the different objectives you have, destroy the hordes of robots on your way and then coming back to base to heal and restock. You can upgrade your robot with different devices, new weapons and shields. Destroy everything and remain alive.
  • Instructions
    • Press TAB to see your objectives. Use A W S D to drive your robot and mouse to aim and shoot. Use the 1,2 ,3 ,4 keys to active the different items you have. After destroying a robot drive over it's remains to gather the precious liquid that can make you money.
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