Towers defense against giants and goblins

  • Description
    • The invasion has began and your army is not big enough to stop this mystical creatures but you have to power of constructing towers that can destroy them and protect your base, also you greatest hero can help your troops and use his abilities to kill the invaders. All your towers have different attacks that are good against certain creatures, so you have to keep a good ratio of all three towers.
  • Instructions
    • Mouse:rn- To scroll the view, place mouse cursor at the edges of the screenrn- Click the minimap to move the view aroundrn- Double click hero’s portrait to center the screen on hero.rn- To mute music, open in-game pause menu and set the music to off.rnHot keys:rn- W,A,S,D or arrow keys for screen scrolling.rn- 1, 2, 3 to activate spells.rn- 4 for hero selection and move command.rn- 5 to activate hero’s ability.rn- E to start wave.rn- Escape to cancel move command, target selection, or spells.rn- Space bar to pause and un-pause gamern- B to open bestiaryrn
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